Research & Development Center for Cell Therapy

For safe, ensured, and accessible cell therapy

In cell therapy, which involves collecting cells that are then differentiated as desired and transplanted to patients, safety is of utmost importance. The Research and Development Center for Cell Therapy (RDC) carries out research and development concerning cell culture methodology, the formulation of testing methods to ensure safety, and the standardization of quality inspection methods. The RDC also manufactures cell-based products in facilities in which cells are cultured in a germfree state from the time of collection, while operating and managing manufacturing and product quality inspection facilities. To reduce the cell manufacturing cost, the RDC is developing automated cell manufacturing system that can also increase output while assuring the quality of the product.


We support to commercialize cell therapy at every stage including preclinical testing,
manufacturing of investigational cell products, and commercial manufacturing.


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Research & Development Center for Cell Therapy

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