Future VisionKBIC

Future Images of KBIC 10 Years from Now and Initiatives to Achieve Them

01Kobe where people can receive the optimal, highest-level medical care

The medical cluster will further develop as a place where anyone can receive the world′s highest medical care by inviting more medical institutions with specialties in line with the advancement of medicine. The cluster will also provide new values for both patients and companies, through creating healthcare businesses and other suevices.


  • Establishment of medical institutions with specialties for the further development of the medical cluster
  • Improvement of hospital functions to invite more clinicians who can play a leading role in international   settings
  • Establishment of a centralized hospital management system to serve as a mega-hospital
  • Provision of optimal medical services to all patients from children to the elderly
  • Improvement of usefulness by sharing medical information quickly and efficiently using ICT
  • Provision of optimal medical services by developing new medical technologies through creating healthcare businesses and other services

02Kobe contributing to the world with its cutting-edge medicine

While strengthening the core competences of the KBIC, basic research and translational research having been promoted since the project inception, we will develop and globally expand Kobe-originated new medical technologies. We will also establish a system to obtain the feedback promptly on cutting-edge medical trends with the aim of being one of the best medical clusters in the world.


  • Practical application of regenerative medicine using iPS cells and others
  • Clinician-led development of internationally competitive medical devices
  • Development of Kobe-originated innovative drugs
  • Development of specialists who take the lead in innovation
  • Further enhancement of basic research and improvement of science and technology infrastructure to   achieve medical innovation
  • Strengthening of the cluster network for global research and development and its commercialization
  • Establishment of the environment for clinical research and trials and its early implementation
  • Cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO) Centre for Health Development (WHO Kobe Centre)
  • Provision of high-quality medical services to overseas patients
  • Global expansion of medical technology through the effective use of the medical cluster
  • Broader dissemination of the initiatives conducted in the KBIC and promotion of exchanges with major overseas clusters

03Kobe implementing new public health practice using the preemptive medicine approach

In line with the concept of “Preemptive Medicine,” we will place emphasis on the importance of diagnostic prediction and therapeutic intervention to prevent or delay the onset of a disease that an individual is likely to develop in the future, and establish a new health promotion system to realize a city where all residents enjoy healthy and active longevity.


  • Establishment of a health and medical information platform based on the life course data of Kobe citizens
  • Research and development of early diagnosis and intervention through development of new biomarkers and effective use of the life course data
  • Establishment of community-based participatory health promotion system and realization of “Healthy City Kobe”

04Kobe with vitality generated through the integration of activities of businesses and other organizations

We will put efforts into creating new industries by integrating research and development results produced in the KBIC with technologies unique to Kobe, and establish an autonomous organization to expand businesses within the KBIC.


  • Integration of research and development results in the KBIC with Kobe-originated technologies and other local industries
  • Creation of the “Healthy Kobe brand”through the integration of food, sports, tourism and other related industries
  • Enhancement of a “magnet” function to strengthen ties among companies in the KBIC
  • Establishment of manufacturing bases to promote practical application of research and development results produced in the KBIC
  • Establishment of a system to enhance active business cooperation
  • Provision of opportunities for intercompany activities and cooperation

Revision of the Kobe Life Science Promotion Vision

Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster (KBIC) has promoted the formation of a biomedical cluster based on the “Kobe Life Science Promotion Council” since 2007, and became one of the largest biomedical industry clusters with more than 300 companies located there. Significant advancements have also been seen in the environment surrounding the KBIC and its components, including the designation as a national strategic special zone, the decision to locate the “K computer” and the “post-K computer” in the city, the concentration of advanced specialized medical institutions, and the progress in the world′s first clinical research using iPS cells.
In response to these changes, the Working Group to consider revising the Kobe Life Science promotion Vision (the Vision Revision WG) was established to discuss in detail what the KBIC should achieve in the next 10 years and how to achieve them. Then, the Vision Revision WG issued a revised and enlarged edition of the Kobe Life Science Promotion Vision in 2016.