One of the largest biomedical clusters
in Japan

In the Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster, research institutions including RIKEN, universities, etc.; highly specialized hospitals such as the Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital; and medical-related companies and organizations have gathered and are making innovation happen in the field of medicine.

01Convenient access

An urban-oriented industry cluster located just about 12 minutes from downtown Kobe. It takes about 5 minutes to Kobe Airport and 17 minutes to Shin-Kobe Station by car. Access to the Tokyo metropolitan area is also excellent: 70 minute to Haneda Airport by air and 2 hours and 50 minutes to Tokyo by shinkansen bullet train.


02Development of and interaction with great talents

Interactions among companies and researchers in cutting-edge fields at RIKEN and universities accelerate new business discovery and R&D.


03State-of-the-art development/research environment

The Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster provides a desirable environment for R&D: the world-first clinical trials using iPS cells has been underway; drug discovery with information technology has been carried out using K computer, etc.


04Substantial support systems

Substantial support systems are available: various incentives including rent subsidy, etc.; support/advice on commercialization, etc. by a team of experts of Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation at Kobe


05Support programs to accelerate R&D

Various support programs for commercialization are available: consulting services in the field of medical device; assisting in searching seeds for drug discovery, etc.


06Efficient R&D environment

The environment allows conducting efficient R&D while holding down initial costs, as a wide variety of facilities are available such as office and laboratory spaces for long-term rent and for temporary use for RI examination or animal test. Port Island is divided into two areas a residential area (1st stage) and a R&D area (2nd stage) and activities including R&D have been carried out on the 2nd stage of Port Island.