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T-ICU Co., Ltd. is to ensure high-quality medical care by providing remote consultation services (Relieve) and remote monitoring systems (Close-by) on intensive care, and emergency care.
We have intensive care certified doctors and nurses to provide highly specialized support for medical facilities.

Our mission is to create an environment where everyone can receive the highest level of medical care and create a society in which they can enjoy peace of mind.
The problem in Japan is that only 0.6% of the total doctors have advanced training in intensive care unit (ICU). Due to the shortage of ICU specialists, general physicians/surgeons perform in ICU. They are forced to treat with anxiety and less knowledge on intensive care-related guidelines. As a result, they are overburdened with their duties. The new pandemic COVID-19 has also been creating extreme pressure on existing resources.
We launched a new measure against covid-19 in collaboration with Kobe City in August 2020. This is the first project in Japan that a local government has taken the initiative to introduce Tele-ICU to hospitals, and it has been introduced to hospitals in Kobe City.
We also undertake the Japan International Cooperation Agency 's(JICA) ICU Telemedicine Support Survey Project in developing countries to support for COVID-19 counter measures with the Japan model of ICU Telemedicine.

For “Relieve", the main devices are Microsoft surface and screen transfer equipment.
We connect the electrocardiogram monitor of a patient with the Microsoft surface provided by T-ICU during the contract. We use HDMI cable/ screen transfer equipment to transfer the screen that displays the patient’s data. The system does not require connecting with the hospital's internal network, it just transfers the images, so personal information is not shared and maintains personal information security. Using the video conferencing function, the on-site doctor can consult with our intensivists while looking at the shared screen any time (24/7) they need advice.

Besides, the remote monitoring system “Close-by”, is based on the concept of "being close to patients and medical personnel even from a distance considering the pandemic. The equipment consists of PTZ camera (Pivoting, optical zoom, digital zoom), fixed camera, network capture (router), microphone (to deliver audio to the monitoring side), 32" display, PC and NAS system.
A high-performance camera is placed at the bedside of the patients that enables close monitoring from distance. The high-quality sound communication function enables "distance-less" communication between patients and medical personnel. By connecting to a variety of medical equipment including vital monitors, mechanical ventilators, etc. the system can deliver multifaceted patient information to remote locations within the hospital. The network is an independent network and no interference with any existing system within the hospital. We also ensure advanced security that does not require a cloud or external network.
October 13, 2016
3-2-5-605, Hachimandori, Kobe Chuo-ku, Hyogo 651-0085
Branch Office
3F Kitafuto Bldg.2-1-12 Minatojimanakamachi Chuo-ku,Kobe, Hyogo 650-0046 Japan
Telemedicine, Telehealth
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