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Elucidating the mechanism of aging for healthier and longer life expectancy

Aging, the common and greatest risk factor of all age-related diseases, is closely related to cancer, heart disease, senile dementia, cerebrovascular disease, and other life-threatening diseases. This means that elucidating the mechanism of aging and developing a method to control aging are crucial to overcoming age-related diseases. We developed mouse models of aging, which are widely used around the world, to elucidate the mechanism for the onset of age-related diseases. We also identified sirtuins, known as anti-aging genes, to examine how they delay aging and prolong life. Interestingly, our recent research findings indicate that delaying human aging and extending life expectancy is not quite a pipedream. Focusing on the analysis of sirtuins and the klotho gene, named after the Greek goddess Klotho who spun the thread of life, we are working on methodologies to clarify the mechanism for the onset of age-related diseases and thus suppress aging, with the goal of overcoming aging and age-related diseases.

鍋島 陽一

ProfessorYo-ichi Nabeshima

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