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Mission statement

  1. 1. Expanding our role as Japan’s foremost biocluster and world leader in such areas as regenerative medicine and pioneering, groundbreaking medical devices
  2. 2. Enhancing our partnerships in Japan and globally to create new synergies and generate new business opportunities to contribute to accessible state-of-the-art healthcare and maintenance for all people now and in the future
  3. 3. Promoting KBIC as a global powerhouse biocluster with world-class research and world-class facilities through partnering with international bioclusters and others
  4. 4. Developing and growing a thriving global biomedical hub community as the arm of Kobe City to promote business expansion and innovation, particularly the support of venture and startup companies
  5. 5. Fostering an environment of innovation and collaboration among companies, academia and government and life science sectors to accelerate the pioneering of healthcare products and discoveries