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AMI Inc. has raised 910 million JPY in Series B round financing

July 6, 2023

AMI Inc., a member company of Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster (KBIC), has raised a total of 910 million JPY from seven companies in a Series B round of financing.

With this funding, AMI will accelerate the sales expansion of its regulatory-approved “AMI-SSS01 Series Phonocardiograph.” Concurrently, AMI is making strides towards obtaining regulatory approval for its proprietary cardiac disease diagnosis assist software and furthering the R&D of digital biomarkers, a cutting-edge approach for early detection and prevention of severe heart conditions.

【Funding Overview】
Amount Financed - 910 million JPY
Financing partners:

REAL TECH Holdings
Higin Capital Co., Ltd.
TV-Kumamoto Co., Ltd.
Nisshinbo Holdings Inc.
Medical Data Vision Co., Ltd.
PARAMOUNT BED Healthcare Fund
Kips Co., Ltd.

【Comments from Shimpei Ogawa, the CEO of AMI Inc.】
We are pleased to announce that we have successfully completed our Series B funding round, raising a total of JPY 910 million from seven investors. We are delighted to embark on the first steps towards realizing our vision alongside our existing investors and those who have newly joined us as shareholders.

We are a research and development startup based in Kyushu, committed to our mission of "realizing rapid medical innovation." Our "Super Stethoscope Project," which began simultaneously with our establishment in November 2015, has finally reached its starting point with the regulatory approval of our 1st product. This product achieved our two development goals: "simultaneous acquisition, storage, and display of heart sound and ECG" and "accurate sound acquisition from the lower limit of audible frequency, 20Hz."

Utilizing the funds from this round, we will accelerate the social implementation of our solution through the "recruitment of AI engineers," "recruitment of business development and sales team members," and “development of business overseas."

Together with our shareholders, team members, and stakeholders in the medical industry, we aim to bring about an innovation in "auscultation," a sector that has not experienced major changes in over 200 years. Through the promotion of "Digital Transformation of Auscultation," we will address the challenges in medical practice, clinical research, medical education, and telemedicine.

【Company Introduction】
AMI Inc. is a rapidly developing startup with a mission of “Acute Medical Innovation”. We firmly believe that by pushing our technology to its utmost limit, we can create a world where quality medical care is available to everyone, everywhere.

We are dedicated to promoting digital transformation, implementing Doctor-to-Doctor consulting systems, and creating a Cloud-based General Hospital through close collaborations with industry, academia, and government.

URL: https://ami.inc/en/