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MiCAN Technologies has Raised 200 Million Yen Through the Third-Party Allocation of Shares

August 21, 2023

MiCAN Technologies Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “MiCAN”), a member company of Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster (KBIC) has raised a total of 200 million JPY through the third-party allocation of shares to Real Tech Fund 3 Investment Business Limited Liability Association, Shimadzu Diagnostics Corporation and Fujimori Kogyo co. ltd.

Currently, from the perspective of animal welfare and quality control of new modalities such as regenerative medicine products, pyrogen testing using human monocyte cell lines, etc. (MAT tests) are drawing attention.

Utilizing proprietary immortalized blood cell production technology, MiCAN have successfully produced immortalized monocytic cells (aMylc cells) specialized for pyrogen testing. MiCAN develop a new pyrogen test product (MylcMAT) using these cells in Japan and Europe.

With this financing, MiCAN will prepare a stable supply system, distribution and sales system for MylcMAT together with operating companies, and aim to start supply as soon as possible. MICAN also support development of pharmaceuticals and vaccines by providing this MylcMAT, which utilizes the microbial reaction characteristics of monocytes cultivated through research on immortalized myeloid cells (Mylc cells) and viral infectious diseases.

<About MiCAN Technologies Inc.>
A Kyoto University spinout company having production technologies to generate high performance artificial blood cells from stem cells. Their Mylc cell series are highly controlled immature dendritic cells suitable for evaluation of efficacy of drug discovery and safety assessment. Recently launched cMylc kit is exclusively designed for COVID-19 vaccines and drug development. The coronavirus optimized myeloid lineage cells works as host cells with giving stable and robust performances for your research on COVID-19.

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