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With our unique Blockmer-based oligonucleotide synthesis technology, we offer extremely high purity oligonucleotides in mg to ton scale at reasonable prices.
・Oligonucleotide Synthesis Service
・Blockmer™ intermediates Sales
・Joint development of equipments and synthetic technologies related to oligonucleotide production

Blockmer™ can significantly shorten process for oligonucleotide synthesis compared to the synthesis with monomer, which is conventional raw materials
・Blockmer™ makes it possible to reduce shortmer impurities andafter purification to obtain extremerly high-quality oligonucleotide (reducing shortmer impurities), which is unavoidable in conventional synthetic methods using monomers.
・The use of Blockmer™ can skip the difficult sequences in solid-phase synthesis, such as poly G sequences, by using ready-made poly G Blockmer™.
・By using Blockmer™, the manufacturing steps (controlled processes in GMP enveroment) can be shortened.
・In turn, the burden of document control related to GMP manufacturing can be reduced.
・The stereo-controlled Blockmer™ makes it possible to produce diastereomers (originated from chirality on the phosphorus atom) in a single state. In conventional solid-phase synthesis, the diastereomers are produced as a mixture.
・The loss of nucleosides used for synthesis can be reduced to a fraction of the conventional solid-phase synthesis method using monomers.
・The Production cost can be dramatically reduced, especially when compared to the use of expensive modified nucleotides

October 2, 2015
Kobe international business center 3F 5-5-2 Minatojima-Minamimachi, Chu-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-0047 Japan
Branch Office
Kobe international business center 2F 5-5-2 Minatojima-Minamimachi, Chu-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-0047 Japan
Medical Device Development center 3F 7-1-6 Minatojima-Minamimachi, Chu-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-0047 Japan
Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Funding Round
Series B2


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