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KOBE Life Science
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Companies listed in this brochure are participants of the Kobe Medical Industry Development Project and operating on Kobe Port Island. Companies are divided into each categories by their major business field on Kobe Port Island. In the case they have other business fields, it is shown in the miner field.

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Major field:Production of research equipment

Miner field:Beauty and Health care

Development, manufacturing and sales of healthcare and medical devices, instruments for laboratory


Major field:Production of research equipment

seles powder flow analysis equipment as in medical supplies

IVTeC Co., Ltd

Major field:Experimental animals

Support for the development of medical devices


Major field:Medical equipment

Miner field:Diagnostic agent and device

Development of endoscopic cancer treatment equipment using laser

JFE Techno-Research Corporation (JFE-TEC)

Major field:Contract research

Miner field:CRO

Miner field:Patent

R&D assistance and evaluation of medical equipment


In a wide range of fields from the nano region to large-scale structures, we provide high reliability analysis and evaluation technologies using state-of-the-art analysis and testing equipment. Our technical staff of 500 experts possesses a wealth of experience, and is ready to assist clients in solving technical problems in all aspects of “monodzukuri” : such as stabilization of product quality, added functions, and reduction of production costs.

Product / Service / PR

    Solutions for a wide range of client needs, from testing for evaluation of implant materials and medical equipment to investigation of the causes of failure and defects, supported by a large staff of experts with extensive experience in material analysis.
    [Evaluation of Medical Equipment]
    ・Mechanical safety testing
    ・Physical analysis
    ・Corrosion resistance evaluation
    ・Chemical analysis  
    ・Failure analysis  
    ・Finite element method(FEM) 
    ・Nondestructive examination
    ・Structural analysis
    ・Quantitative analysis
    ・Elemental Impurities  (ICH Q3D)
Address: Kobe International Business Center 6F, 5-5-2, Minatojima minami-machi, Chuo-ku,Kobe,650-0047,Japan  (Contact Person Yoshihiro Kawai, Tomoyuki Morita)
TEL: +81-78-304-5722 FAX: +81-78-304-5723
Web site: E-mail:

JIMRO Co., Ltd.

Major field:Medical equipment

R&D of medical devices


Major field:Medical equipment

Stocking, sales and R&D of medical devices


The development and the sale of the medical care.

Product / Service / PR

    ・KBM Gut-Clamper/Medical device for laparoscopic surgery.
    ・IC-pad/Local magnetic field inhomogeneity correction pad.
    ・Noise reduction pad/Electrocardiographic correction instrument.
    ・Port cannula/Medical device for shoulder surgery.
    ・KBM Pektus-hook/ Medical device for funnel chest surgery.
    ・KBM e-coll,PF-pad/Fixing tool for patient.
Address: 7-1-6, Minamimachi, Minatojima, Chuo-Ku, Kobe, 650-0047, Japan  (Contact Person Kazuya Sato)
TEL: +81-78-304-5067 FAX: +81-78-304-5068
Web site: E-mail:

Kyodoken Institute

Major field:Experimental animals

Miner field:Regenerative medicine

Miner field:CRO

Evaluation of medical drugs and devices in regenerative medicine

Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, JAPAN

Major field:Assisting businesses, Rental Laboratories and offices

Operating Kobe Medical Device Development Center, Kobe Healthcare Industry Development center, etc.

The Japanese Society for Neuroendovascular Therapy

Major field:Research institutions, University and Academic society, Foundation

Personnel training and development of medical equipment involved with neuroendvascular therapy