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as of February 28, 2021

Companies are divided into each categories by their major business field on Kobe Port Island. In the case they have other business fields, it is shown in the miner field.» List of KBIC companies(PDF)

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Cardio Inc.

Major field:Medical equipment

R&D of cardiovascular regenerative medicine


We research and develop medical devices to treat the cardiac diseases and health care products which are based on the research of regenerative medicine. We also do the import and sale business of medical devices.

Product / Service / PR

    The section of R&D Medical Device : 「Quad Holder」 is on the market, and several devices are under development. The section of import and sale of Medical Device : 「Excor Pediatric ventricular assist device」 and 「EZ-Regular」 is on the market.
Address: Creative Lab for Innovation in Kobe(CLIK)3F 6-3-7 Minatojima-Minamimachi Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0047, Japan  (Contact Person Shinichi Sawada)
TEL: +81-78-304-6101 FAX: +81-78-304-6103
E-mail: s-sawada@cardio.co.jp


Major field:Hospitals

Miner field:Medical equipment

Miner field:Beauty and Health care

HeartLab Inc is developing software for healthcare and medical devices utilized the patented technology to a needs-oriented manner.


HeartLab Inc is developing software for healthcare and medical devices utilized patented technology to a needs-oriented manner. Based on the own software technologies, Hartlab Inc is creating the products and the businesses not only by developing own products but also by collaborating with academia and/or companies. Furthermore, we will create new products and businesses together with partner companies by building a database on medical care and healthcare using the developed software.

Product / Service / PR

    [Heart failure monitoring system]
    Heart failure progresses with repeated hospitalizations. By RST, we aim to detect the exacerbation of heart failure at home at an early stage, prevent hospitalization by early treatment, and suppress the progression of heart failure.

    [Sleep measurement]
    RST is linked to brain waves and can measure the depth of sleep, so we aim to use it for health management.

    [The others]
    HeartLab Inc is also developing the other patent application technologies also.
Address: CLIK 3F, 6-3-7 Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo 650-0047, Japan  (Contact Person Sunao Ikegawa, President & CEO)
TEL: +81-78-302-1414 FAX: +81-78-304-6103
E-mail: s.ikegawa@heart-lab.co.jp

Inner Resource .Inc

Major field:Assisting businesses, Rental Laboratories and offices

Miner field:Distributer

Miner field:IT

We help scientists devote themselves to their works, with simplifying research-involved tasks by develoring project-management system “reprua


We started with the mission of ‘’creating the world that enable scientists devoting themselves to their works’’.
We are developing the specialized project-managing system ‘’reprua’’ to optimize operating efficiencies of researching projects such as purchase and inventory management.

Product / Service / PR

    We, Inner Resource, Inc. aim to create the ideal atmosphere for researchers to be more concentrated within their research projects by the means of upgrading their surroundings. One of the most time-consuming tasks is from requirement from science research grants (such as KAKENHI) and it costs much against researchers. Purchase and inventory control, for example, require annoying procedures such as the requirement of several competitive quotes from suppliers and approval of purchase by the superior, which can be solved with our reprua system. Our reprua system enables management of deals within less time-consumption on cloud, as well as cumbersome vouchers are no longer needed, hence the audit of research expenses is far more easily made with reprua. Not only functional, but it is user-friendly because it is made with reference to the very researchers who suffer from annoying procedures. Until now the number of customers grow up to a hundred with many of them high satisfaction, among wide field of research; academics, hospitals, bio-ventures and drug manufacturer.
Address: MA Bld. Floor 4, 4-2-5, Hongo, Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo, 113-0033, Japan  (Contact Person Shun Tsuchiya)
TEL: +81-3-6869-0528

MiCAN Technologies Inc.

Major field:Drug discovery

Miner field:Regenerative medicine

Miner field:Contract research

We contribute to infectious disease research and safety evaluation through provision of special blood cells produced using regenerative medicine technology.


Our technology allows us to induce differentiation of iPS and ES cells into immature blood cells, and we provide them as young red blood cell-like cells (Mpv), useful for drug discovery research of Vivax malaria, and as immature dendritic cells (Mylc), useful for virus research such as dengue and zika fever. In 2020 we developed a new cell product specialized for research on the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and started providing it to researchers all over the world.

Product / Service / PR

    【Improved sensitivity compared to existing model cells】
    Improved sensitivity for virus infection and immune activity, enabling high-precision evaluation experiments.

    【Can be used for safety evaluation of raw materials and ingredients】
    Our cells can be used for safety evaluation of pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, etc. It also meets the needs of alternatives to animal testing such as skin sensitization testing and pyrogen testing.
Address: KKVP, 1-36 Goryo-ohara, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 615-8245 Japan  (Contact Person Kazuhisa Fushihara)
TEL: +81-75-381-3008
Web site: https://www.micantechnologies.com/home-2 E-mail: kfushihara@micantechnologies.com

MIZUTA Seisakusho, Inc.

Major field:Medical equipment

Miner field:Beauty and Health care

Miner field:Material and Chemical products

Production and development support for medical devices and parts (plastic parts, printed circuit boards, CFRP parts, etc.)


・Parts Manufacturing
Injection Molded Parts/PCB(PWB)/Terminal Block/ and more
・CFRP/CFRTP Product Development
・Making of Mold Die/Testing Machine/Jig

Product / Service / PR

    We are an "OEM / EMS" company that manufactures parts (injection molded parts, printed wiring boards, terminal blocks etc.) and assembles them and produces them. We also have a technical department, and we also support part design and product design. In addition, we are focusing on developing applications of "CFRP / CFRTP" which is a new material. We are promoting customer support in the medical field.
Address: 3-13-5, Nishi-shin-machi, Akashi-city, Hyogo-Pref., 673-0023, JAPAN  (Contact Person Seniour Vice-President Mr.Taro MIZUTA)
TEL: +81-78-923-0673 FAX: +81-78-923-6124
Web site: https://www.mizuta-inc.com/ E-mail: taro-mzt@mizuta-inc.com

Nexuspiral Inc.

Major field:Drug discovery

Miner field:Regenerative medicine

Research and development of oligonucleotides therapeutics using precise PODiR genome editing technology.


Nexuspiral is a venture company established to socially implement the results of academic research. We aim to transform the discovery of cutting-edge science and technology into social value. The PODiR system enables precise genome editing without the use of proteins. It is expected that direct editing of the targeted gene will enable in-vivo editing without using viral vectors or exogenous proteins.

Product / Service / PR

    From the mechanism study of drug resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa, it was found that a gene is created by a specific deletion in an overlapping sequence (PODiR sequence). These phenomena are universal regardless of the species and cell type, and it was shown that genome editing is possible with a completely different system from the conventional genome editing. Applying PODiR technology, we are developing oligonucleotide therapeutics for genome editing without exogenous proteins.
Address: 〒650-0047  6-3-7 Minatojima Minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe,Creative Lab Kobe  (Contact Person Naoyuki Masuda)
Web site: http://www.nexuspiral.co.jp E-mail: info@nexuspiral.co.jp

Panasonic Corporation

Major field:Beauty and Health care

R&D of activation technology of the living body from a physical irritant

Synplogen Co., Ltd.

Major field:Genomics

United Immunity, Co., Ltd.

Major field:Genomics