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as of January 31, 2024

Companies are divided into categories by their major business field on Kobe Port Island. In the case they have other business fields, it is shown in the minor field.» List of KBIC companies(PDF)

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Major field:Medical Equipment

Miner field:Beauty and Health Care

Development and production of the carbon dioxide therapy equipment


Scientists of Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine founded this company on April 8, 2010 to develop the first “artificial Bohr effect” generator that delivers pure carbon dioxide transdermally into the muscle depth. The use of carbon dioxide to enhance muscle force was internationally applied under PCT and patented in Japan on December 4, 2009. The generator can work not only as a medical device, but also as a beauty care and a healthcare device.

Product / Service / PR

    The “artificial Bohr effect” generator increases blood flow and oxygen release from haemoglobin . We found that it enhances not only muscle-training effect but also muscle force even without muscle training in human and animals. The generator changes muscle fiber type from IIb (un-trained) to IId and IIa (trained and well-trained) without muscle training. This change is associated with an increase in mitochondria quantity and activity, which leads to an activation of lipid metabolism.
Address: 1-5-1 Minatojima-minami-machi, Chuo-ku, Kobe JAPAN 650-0047  (Contact Person Tanaka, Masaya)
TEL: +81-78-252-3107 FAX: +81-78-252-1916
E-mail: tanaka@neochemir.co.jp

Integral Geometry Science Inc.

Major field:Production of Research Equipment

Miner field:Contract Research

Miner field:Medical Equipment

Development & sales of deviecs for mesurement and non-destructive testing and software for mesurement


Integral Geometry Science has developed and sold measurement device and software of image data processing. We aim at contributing to the advancement of reliability of electric components and devices, planning maintenance of social-infrastructures, and advanced medical service by cutting-edge inspection technologies.

Product / Service / PR

    Nondestructive imaging apparatus of electric current - Focus 001 -
    Focus 001 is a nondestructive high resolution imaging diagnostic technology for next-generation electric battery or electric devices. In the imaging procedure, two-dimensional distribution of magnetic field and the gradient of the magnetic field are measured, and a magnetic field distribution close to its source is reconstructed using these data matrixes. The usage of two boundary conditions of Maxwell-equation make the precise reconstruction possible even if there is a various stray magnetic sources around the magnetic field sensor, such as detector circuits or mechanical parts.
Address: Kobe University Business Incubation Center,1-5-6, Minamimachi, Minatojima, Chuo-ku,Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken, Japan, 650-0047  (Contact Person CSO Kenjiro Kimura)
TEL: +81-78-304-6047
Web site: http://ig-instrum.co.jp/ E-mail: kkimura@ig-instrum.co.jp

Tokushima University

Major field:Research Institutions, University and Academic Society, Foundation

Miner field:Drug Discovery